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Dances and Declamations
Music for the Emerging Saxophone Quartet


Released February 2024

TTF Saxophone Quartet

Paul Cohen, Soprano

Jordan Smith, Alto

Dan Kochersberger, Tenor

Bryan McNamara, Baritone

Full Track List

Tribute to University of Michigan's 200th Anniversary

Released January 2018

Check out Dr. Smith on Tracks 4-7 and 10-14

In the Depths of the Clouds, Lu Pei

I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Elwood Derr

James Adler and Friends

Released February 2013

Check out Dr. Smith on Track 6

Reverie, Interrupted, James Adler

Released June 2011

Check out Dr. Smith on Track 2

Reverie, Interrupted, James Adler

Sculpting the Air: Modern Works for Wind Instruments


Manhattan Saxophone Quartet Self-Released Album

Released Spring 2011

Works by Noon, McMahan, and Isenberg

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